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Meet The Woman On a Mission To Disrupt Philanthropy Through Tech

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PhilanthropyQuinetha Frasier, affectionately known as “Que” is a woman fuelled by passion. She has made it her life’s mission to make a positive impact through her work.

The MBA grad has a wealth of experience in the philanthropic sector. With over 18 years of service, Frasier has supported individuals, organizations, and corporations in funding campaigns and building sustainable social business models.

Now she’s laser-focused on using technology as a tool to measure and improve social impact. A self-proclaimed geek, Frasier says organizations that depend on charitable dollars typically use “antiquated” methods that are long overdue for technological innovation.

“Tech accelerates an organization’s ability to interact and retain loyal donors,” Frasier says. “It makes it easy for the donor to give to the things that are important to them. If it’s easy for a donor to give they’re more likely to give quickly and more often.”

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