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Social ImpactMeet Quinetha ‘Que’ Frasier: The Tech Evangelist Making Waves in Social Impact, is laser-focused on revolutionizing social impact with technological innovation.

Frasier, a self-proclaimed tech evangelist in philanthropy, says far too often non-profits and charitable organizations still use outdated practices to raise funds.

“Tech accelerates an organization’s ability to interact and retain loyal donors,” she said in an interview with UrbanGeekz. “It makes it easy for the donor to give to the things that are important to them. If it’s easy for a donor to give they’re more likely to give quickly and more often.”

Frasier has a busy schedule. At the helm of Social Impact Advisors, she is also the cofounder of My Pledger.

“We do technology solutions so when companies come to me and they say they want to raise money I’m going to build them a strategy that’s grounded in technology,” Frasier says about her work at Social Impact Advisors. “Everything that relates to them, usually a nonprofit, raising money or attracting more income to their organization I provide a technology solution to do that.”

“I came in as a CEO and co-founder to scale the company and to refine the business model,” Frasier says of MyPledger, a FinTech firm that increases pledge collections through SaaS solutions. “We went from collecting money from the transactions to a support or subscription model where customers pay us small amounts every month to be able to have access to us to help them collect money all year round.”

The MBA graduate has a wealth of experience in the philanthropic sector. With over 18 years of service, Frasier has guided over 250 organizations across the country to increase funding and impact through Tech.

Social Impact Advisors’ clients and partners have included honorCode, TechBridge, Gideon’s Promise, Appleseed Foundation, and the Southeastern Council of Foundations, among others.

Now, with her increasing visibility as a sought-after public speaker, Frasier is using this platform to carve a niche for herself as a thought leader at the interaction of technology and social innovation.

This month Frasier was invited to speak at Tech Jobs Tour Atlanta, alongside Megan Smith, the former Chief Technology Officer [CT0] of the United States. “Imagine a world where technology becomes the lever for people like me, nonprofit junkies, who are working on shoestring budgets,” Frasier said during her talk at Tech Jobs Tour.

Tech Jobs Tour, a nationwide tour across 50 U.S. states, aims to support diverse and non-traditional workers access jobs in the local tech industry.

Just last month Frasier won a place at the Atlanta-based coworking and entrepreneurial hub TechSquare Labs, a Google For Entrepreneurs partner. Now working out of a thriving tech hub, Frasier is in an ideal community to take the world by storm. Expect to hear more from this dynamic young woman in the upcoming year.

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